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The Gabriel Center offers wellness supplies and the private practices of skilled and experienced therapists representing massage therapy, acupuncture and other holistic modalities. Since 2010, it has been Jim and Becky Gabriel’s mission to provide innovative health care to the entire community of therapists and individuals.

Meet Our Practitioners

Jim Gabriel
Jim Gabriel
Dianna Lee
Dianna Lee
Juliet Mathison
Juliet Mathison

Since 1980, Jim and Becky Gabriel have helped multiple numbers of patients in Georgia and Sarasota and graduated a thousand massage therapists from ASHA, the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, their Atlanta massage school.

Our mission is to provide innovative, effective health care services, educational materials, and classes as well as holistic health and wellness products for the entire community.


In addition to hands-on therapies, the center is a leading local provider of frequency and microcurrent mats and devices designed to promote non-drug/non-surgical healing. Make an appointment for more information and a free session on the detoxifying BioMat or BEMER pads, or paid sessions on the detoxifying HOCATT ozone infusion egg or ionic foot bath.

SERVICES The Center offers health treatments such as the Far Infrared BioMat for inflammation, Ozone steam cabinet (HOCATT) treatments for detox, the Oscillator to move lymph, appointments on the BEMER Mat for improved circulation and Ionic Foot Baths Monday through Saturday.

EDUCATION Monthly healthcare classes, lectures, and workshops are presented for the community.

We give B-12 injections. Provided by our licensed acupuncturist Dr. Josh Zimmer.


The Gabriel Center offers health treatments such as the:

FAR INFRARED BIOMAT~ for relaxation, stress and pain reduction, inflammation, detoxification, immunity and sleep support. 

HOCATT ~ Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy:  for rejuvenation, inflammation, pain, recovery, immunity and detoxification.

THE OSCILLATOR ~ well researched vibration plate therapy device to help posture, lymphatic and blood circulation, cellulitis, aerobic strengthening, muscle and joint health, neurostructural balance and cardiovascular conditioning.

THE BEMER ~  advanced medical technology for restoring vitality.  The Beamer helps the cardiovascular, micro vascular, lymphatic organic, neuromuscular and cardiopulmonary systems.   Comes with an electro-magnetic therapy while you sleep, system.

THE IONIC FOOT BATH ~  detoxification

All treatments available Monday through Saturday by appointment.

Massage Therapy ~  for stress and fatigue reduction, relaxation and improved circulation.   

(general massage)

Available by various center therapists by appointment.

Deep Tissue Massage ~  slow deep massage used more for pain and stiffness than regular or Swedish massage.

Available by appointment

Lymphatic Massage ~  Lymphatic massage: also called lymphatic or manual Lymph drainage.  Used for Lymphatic congestion and Lymphedema, poor circulation, disease and toxicity.

Neuromuscular Therapy ~  

developed by Paul St. John  LMT,NMT

The scientific application, of properly applied pressure as therapy for the purpose of relieving pain, restoring function after strain or injury and balancing the human frame. 

Cranial Structural Integration® and Cranial Somatic Therapy® ( CSI )

by Dr. Dallas Hancock DC. PHD

These treatments to the head and face are therapies that dynamically affect the nervous system and the structure and function of the rest of the body.  The application of these “ direct cranial techniques” can help correct many problems related to TMJ dysfunction, postural distortions, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, injury, pain and more.

Structural – Energetic Therapy® (SET) and Craino Structural Therapy® ~

by Therapist Dan McCann LMT

This therapy provides a blueprint for correcting must structural imbalances and biomechanical dysfunctions.

It combines direct cranial therapies with supportive myofascial therapy protocols to bring the body into balance and rehabilitation.

Facilitated Pathways Intervention ~ (FPI)

developed  by Flo Barbour-Hancock LMT, PHD

Dr. Barbour Hancock earned her PHD dissertation explaining this amazing reflex therapy, which she developed.  By stimulating reflex points of the head, face and neck, corresponding problem areas of the body are reset and corrected.  Pain, injury and dysfunction are relieved, posture and movement imbalances are corrected.