Tonya Smith

I am Inspired by Italian Renaissance. My father is an artist who encouraged me to illustrate at a young age.  I remember visiting the Ringling Art Museum as a child and standing in awe with great appreciation of the Masters.
In 2004 I studied under Robert Pope at the Douglasville School of Art in Douglasville, Ga.  Robert encourages artists to seek out their natural creativity and ability.  He encouraged me to trust in myself and tap into what was already there. There is no greater feeling than being allowed to grow in your talent and trust the process.    
I paint because it brings me great joy. My visions  come to life in my paintings and I am always surprised by the end result. I thank God for instilling art within me. The fact that so many individuals appreciate and collect my work is a huge blessing.   
I have a desire to live life to the fullest, to love others, and change lives through outreach.  In addition to my artwork, I desire to Build a Christian Based Recovery Center to aid those suffering from addiction.  This will make my life journey complete.  Your support is dear to my heart.