Referral Rewards at New Harmony Acupuncture

My Way of Saying “Thanks.” – Josh Zimmer, Ap/DOM
Many of you are generous with your referrals. They certainly keep a Practice going. Here’s how I’d like to show my appreciation.
Once a referral completes their first session, you’ll be entitled to an extra service. Examples include a 15- to 20-minute Cupping session, a Guasha treatment or 15-20 minutes of moxibustion. Maybe you’d like a tension-relieving Tuina acupressure neck/shoulder massage. We’ll come up with something. So arrange some additional time at New Harmony for your Thank-you gift!
Let Insurance Pay for Your Acupuncture
Some medical insurance policies – a minority – do cover Acupuncture and related modalities, such as Cupping. The conditions differ … some co-pays are higher than others, for example, and one policy might limit the number of reimbursed sessions per year. Medicare does not pay for Acupuncture, but occasionally secondary policies will. Policies currently in play are from Cigna, United Healthcare and out-of-state Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Florida Blue doesn’t reimburse for Acupuncture.
It’s worth asking.
I’m extremely pleased so far with To The Point billing in West Palm Beach, who I pay to handle these matters. They are eager to find coverage where it exists, but they double-check their work for accuracy to avoid letdowns.
This is a free service, so take advantage of it!