Core Quantum Healing

A Core Quantum Healing session is a process in which the issue being addressed is traced to its root cause and dismantled there, at its inception. The original trauma of an issue has an imprint that permeates the human instrument holographically. The imprint expresses itself through the chakras and meridians, through belief systems and thought patterns and through the physical and subtle energy bodies. It is neurologically wired into the brain/body in a network of well- worn neural pathways that operates much like a piece of software on your computer.
In a Core Quantum Healing session, this network of informational content is dismantled in a way that allows for the release of the emotional energy of the original trauma. It is the blocked energy of toxic, (that means unexpressed) emotion that holds such patterns in place. After the emotional energy has been released, the hologram is re-patterned with the informational content of the desired state. This desired state is an aspect and expression of the Higher Self, of True Being. This is not so much a reprogramming, but rather an uncovering of what has always been there. It is a return to the potential of the Authentic Self and the restoration of the blueprint of wellbeing.
Core Quantum Healing

  • Is for those who are looking for a way to effectively resolve physical, mental, spiritual and emotional trauma from the deepest level – the level of cause.
  • Is for those who are looking for a method of healing that transmutes pain and trauma into the liberated state of conscious awakening.
  • Can help with depression, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, addiction, compulsive behavior, physical abuse, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, relationship issues, childhood trauma, birth trauma, soul trauma, past life trauma and more.
  • Can help those of you who are fully deliberate in your own process of awakening and looking for ways to accelerate the expansion of consciousness and deepen the experience of your spiritual nature.

What clients are saying about Core Quantum Healing…

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Feel better or pay nothing. Expect results.
Fees: $100 per hour, by the hour. The first session usually lasts about 2 hours. Subsequent session times will usually vary from about one and a half to two hours. We do not stop the clock; rather, we ‘cook until done’. 1&1/2 hours = $150, 1&3/4 hours= $175,  2 hours = $200 etc.
There will be a short form to fill out at your initial visit. Please arrive a few minutes early. Thank you for not wearing fragrance of any kind to your appointment.
Cancellation policy: Please give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice by phone (not email) if you need to change or cancel your appointment. There is a high demand for this work, and others may be on a waiting list for your appointment if you cannot come.  You are expected to respect our time.  In the event of a no-show / late cancellation, a fee of $50 will be charged and pre-payment online will be required for future appointments.