SCAR THERAPY: can help in many ways…

DID YOU KNOW that a scar on one part of the body can cause pain somewhere else, or organ dysfunction and subsequent illness? A scar is often the hidden culprit in mystery illnesses or unresolved pain patterns that have not responded to conventional treatments.
Trauma and surgery cut through muscles, nerves, connective tissue and acupuncture meridians. Organ function, nerve function and the structural integrity of the musculoskeletal system can be significantly compromised.
Common conditions related to scars include digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, reproductive issues, muscular aches and pains, headaches, impaired immune function, difficulty managing general stress and PTSD from traumatic injury.

What is Scar Therapy?

Bio-compatible therapeutic micro-current is used to correct de-polarized scar tissue, release constricted connective tissue, relieve pain and restore meridian flow to the affected organ(s).  Hard, raised scars will soften and melt. Physical appearance and discoloration of scars can be reduced and scar sensitivity minimized.
Learn more about the hidden effect of scars on your health through meridian inhibition.
Scar Therapy can enhance your recovery from:

  • Mastectomy/reconstruction
  • Breast implants, tummy tuck
  • C-Section / abdominal hysterectomy
  • Orthopedic surgeries/ general pain
  • PTSD
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Multiple conditions related to meridian inhibition

“My mastectomy scars were painful and left me feeling tight and restricted. I was amazed that just one treatment relieved the pain and freed up my range of motion considerably. I can swim and run again with no discomfort! Thank you.”

Diane, Atlanta, GA

Scar Therapy for Post-Surgical Pain Relief

It is normal to experience a certain amount of pain following any kind of surgery. Pain from simple procedures usually resolves quickly. More complex surgeries, however, can mean a longer recovery with significant discomfort for some patients. It is quite common for some people to feel pain not just in the general area, but actually in the scar itself. Until recently, there were few alternatives to medication for post-surgical pain relief.  Scar Therapy is a safe, natural, drug-free approach and is approved by the American Academy of Pain Management.
The body is impacted in multiple ways by surgery. Surgery cuts through skin, muscles, nerves, lymphatic vessels and connective tissue. The connective tissue, called fascia, is very rich in nerve endings and is highly responsive to various types of stimuli. Fascia envelops and interpenetrates every major structure in the body. The human body has its own type of electricity that is involved in all levels of physiological functioning. The body’s electrical impulses consist of sequences of positive and negative charges which can become disrupted and blocked. The fascia is particularly susceptible to this type of disruption. The scar tissue becomes ‘de-polarized’ resulting in pain, both in the scar itself and often in other parts of the body.  Whenever the connective tissue has been cut, the entire musculoskeletal system will go through a process of rearranging itself to accommodate the different tension levels pulling on the joints. This process of adaptation takes quite some time, and may result in seemingly unrelated aches and pains elsewhere in the body, months or even years later. So it is important for anyone with scars, regardless of how long they have been there, to undergo Scar Therapy.
Is Scar Therapy suitable for everyone?
Almost. Scar Therapy is not suitable for pregnant women. If you wear a pacemaker or have a history of epilepsy or grand mal seizures, you will need a letter of permission from your Doctor. Everyone else will be fine.
How long does it take?
Your session may last from 60 – 105 minutes, depending on the extent of your scars. Session time includes treatment and intake/assessment. Multiple or complex scars take longer. In many cases, one treatment is sufficient. Occasionally two are needed. If you are having a series of surgeries, it is advisable to have a Scar Therapy treatment following each procedure.
What does it cost? 60 mins/$100, 75 mins/$125, 90 mins/$150, 105mins/$175 (average session is 90mins)
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